Apricot Consulting
Case study

So What Sustainability?

Apricot Consulting's podcast series, "So What Sustainability?", was launched in early 2022 with a focus on exploring top trends and offering practical advice regarding environmental, social, and governance issues and opportunities that businesses and society face.

Apricot Consultancy is a global consultancy based in Australia that works with ambitious leaders and change makers to build a more sustainable and inclusive future. They launched the So What Sustainability? podcast series in 2022 as part of their content-based networking strategy, bringing on partners and experts to discuss ESG issues and opportunities.

In late 2022, Apricot Consulting engaged with us to explore innovative methods of scaling content for their episodes. The aim was to leverage content creation to reach new audiences and foster a community.

Our team was excited to work alongside theirs, and we identified several effective strategies for content repurposing and developed a content scaling plan for deployment across different platforms.

Here's how we helped:

This is what we have achieved for Apricot Consulting


Developed a comprehensive omnichannel content plan proposal for So What Sustainability


Designed bespoke branded assets for So What Sustainability's multiplatform content in less than 2 days


Delivered 10 high quality reels for one of So What Sustainability's episodes in less than 48 hours


Developed and designed a customized newsletter template specifically for So What Sustainability's audience and community within 2 days


Produced full-length show notes, episode chapters, and long-form web articles from their episode in less than 2 days


Delivered a high-quality human transcribed and QA'd transcript of the episode within 48 hours