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India's first digital audio venture for news and entertainment,'s platform features daily news bulletins, in-depth analysis and features, and fictional storytelling.

India's pioneering DOLBY ATMOS-powered podcast platform, delivers a diverse range of multilingual podcasts and audio content in an immersive audio experience. As India's first digital audio venture for news and entertainment, Earshot caters to a wide audience with its daily news bulletins, in-depth analysis, compelling features, and captivating fictional storytelling, all in one platform.

In 2022,, India's leading podcast platform, sought to expand its content offerings for one of their key B2B podcast brands. To meet this challenge head-on, tapped Deciphr Media to demonstrate the capabilities of our hybrid 'content machine' as a solution to their B2B brand's scaling needs.

By leveraging our proprietary AI technology, we helped streamlined the content creation process for their B2B brand, resulting in the fastest content turnaround times they'd seen.

Here's how we helped:

This is what we have achieved for Earshot


Developed a comprehensive omnichannel content plan to enhance Earshot's B2B series' brand recognition across multiple platforms.


Professionally transcribed back episodes within a 48H turnaround, ensuring that Earshot's audio content is accessible and easily consumable for all listeners.


Created multiple pieces of visual assets, including stunning graphics, banners, and carousels that perfectly encapsulate Earshot's B2B podcast brand and messaging.


Generated an extensive collection of written content, equipping Earshot with a wealth of informative, engaging, and high-quality content to share with their audience.


Curated and extracted numerous episode highlights, providing Earshot with valuable and shareable content that highlights key insights and interesting moments from their podcast.


Revamped Earshot's brand identity and crafted customized multiplatform media assets to guarantee consistent visual branding and messaging coherence across all touchpoints.